The Age of Social Media Selfies

We have come extremely far in our technical knowledge and resources in the past 100 years. The things we’re now able to do at the touch of our fingers are incredible, and in the past, was right up there with magic or the impossible. During all of the technological advances we’ve accomplished, one of the biggest among these is the online platform. Today’s computers, smartphones, and tablets allows us to communicate and accomplish tasks faster than ever before. Among these online platforms, we have social media that allows us to showcase ourselves through statuses and selfies, as well as communicate with others in the social media community.


Of course, selfies and social media selfies have got to be one of the most popular and frequent uses of the technological world. Celebrities and regular everyday people are sharing selfies every single day through social media. We can showcase ourselves to thousands of other people through these selfies, by a simple share. If you do not have a large following, you can easily acquire one through frequent updates such as selfies to your social media profile. This will allow you to interact with more people and even make a living from it if you’re popular enough.


To express ourselves through selfies posted to social media is definitely one of the most used forms of social media sharing in our society. It’s also very empowering sometimes, as you can use social media selfies if you’re feeling extra confident in your appearance. Many people, who are interested in fashion or beauty, use social media selfies to communicate their confidence and inspire others to do the same. When you share a selfie, you’re also communicating confidence to the online community that you are comfortable and confident enough to share that photo of yourself.


With all the positives associated with social media sharing and the freedom of expression, there are, of course, the negatives that can come along with it. Though sharing a selfie to social media can be both empowering and inspiring to others, it can also communicate that you’re either over-confident or narcissistic. While social media bullying is a real issue, social media selfies can be a real target for others to share negative opinions or comments. This is why it’s important to have a thicker skin while sharing selfies to social media. With all the good in it, there can be a bad side as with all other things.