Harry potter fanfiction inheritance communities. .

Harry potter fanfiction inheritance communities

Harry and friends are called to Dumbledore's office where they read the adventures of Percy Jackson. T - English - Adventure - Chapters: Harry, but not evil. First FF Starts off a bit dark but lightens up quickly. Harry Potter - Rated: Harry potter fanfiction inheritance communities

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  1. But when Sirius arrives, the crib is empty. He put it in his pocket. It was a perfectly normal day in Privet Drive.

  2. I do not own anything Harry Potter. The knowledge inside changes Harry, causing him to be much more confident, studious, ambitious, and hopeful. Events will push pairing together but not instant soul bond.

  3. Now, they are tied together in more ways than one, but how will that affect their future lives at Hogwarts?

  4. He is holding a secret that he can't tell anyone in fear of being shunned and cast aside by all. Turns out she's a witch and a Dark Lord is out for revenge against him.

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